3 year old Stallions

I was able to grab my camera yesterday and play out in the field with the boys. Something I should do more often, especially now with self isolation. I was lucky enough to get a few good shots of the boys at play. Of course the best action shots are….. well…let’s just say I really should get that Fuji out and practice more….

A very pretty mare was on the other side of the fence in the picture below, and the boys were just admiring her over the fence. Perhaps just a little love struck, it is spring after all and the sun was bouncing off her long beautiful Friesian mane.

The boy on the left is a full brother to Julius 486.

The boy on the right is a Hette 481 and was imported as a yearling.

Two very sweet young men.

Once they got this play out of their system them turned back into the gentle souls they really are.

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