Education weekend!

The KFPS were well represented at the TCCA clinic last weekend.

Ulrik and Rein had the privilege of learning from PJ and Tara Crowley at the clinic held at the Ancaster fair grounds.

Thank you TCCA for a great clinic.

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Girls just want to have Fun

Rein out for a pleasure drive. This girl loves to drive. She might be small but she is mighty.


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Wietske has had enough of being in foal. She heard about the 40% humidity coming this weekend and is not very happy about it.

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Mette and Honor

Mette has honored us with a little Hessel colt. He is a very spunky young man running circles around all the mares, and being met by ears flat and a sideways glance.

I think he is simply preparing the other mares for things to come.

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2017 Keuring

Another inspection has come and gone. It took months of preparation. We had great help in the barn this year that to bring it all together.

The horse showed so well.

The boys both made Star. Having two 3 year old stallions in the barn is always a challenge. Every time a lady passes by they make sure she knows they are around with a whinny or a head toss of that beautiful Friesian fore top.

Here is a few pictures of the boys in their finest! And little girl Rein showing off.

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