Our Origins

After many years of breeding, raising, and competing with “gentle giants” the beautiful Belgian draft horses we decided to venture into the world of Friesians.

While competing in the draft horse world, we showed many home raised horses to several Championships. Including 2 North American Junior Champions, and a Grand Champion Mare over an 8 year period in the very competitive NABC, a show that only occurs once every 4 years with the best of the best.

Our love of horses has us venturing further into the world of this beautiful creature, the stunning black beauty, the Friesian horse.

We are committed to honor the standards and preserve the traditions set out by the KFPS.

Why Camelot?

Camelot  is a place of idealized beauty and peacefulness. Our name, Camelot, is steeped in legend, such as the knights of the round table, and their black majestic mounts, full of mystery and elegant flowing long manes and tails.Theses horses are capable of silencing the on looker with their graceful movements as they float across the open field. It is only fitting that this nobel majestic creature reside at Camelot.