All horse weekend

I have to say, this past weekend was my favourite kind of weekend. It was HORSE, HORSE and more Horse. Starting with the Royal Winter Fair. An early beginning to the weekend, with the Belgian girls winning there classes Friday morning.
Then on to a driving clinic. Never miss an opportunity to learn!!!
What an opportunity it was, with one of the best drivers in Europe. A man of patience and grace.
I was fortunate to have the chance to drive one of Jack’s horses that day. He was so responsive and light, I felt bad for the horse having to deal with my unsteady hands.
Once again, as happens often in the horse world, I met some wonderful people, the Freeman’s. Good luck at the Royal this week.
I hope we can do it again next year, but next year I will be better prepared, and hopefully drive my own mare.
Now on to Sunday. Once again we saddled up Wietske and rode her in the pasture. Dani came over and got to ride a Friesian for th first time. Dani has had lots if experience in the show rings showing jumpers.
So…… you can see why it was a great weekend.



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