Even the best laid plans……

Last weekend I made a few plans to get away…… But some times you just have to go with it. It seemed at every turn, I hit a road block. First my friend couldn’t leave till late Fri., then we had a funeral Saturday, but alas the plan became….. O.K. We will leave Sat after the funeral service.
Then Saturday morning arrived.
In a fog of early morning blur. I stumbled thru the barn feeding hay into everyone’s stalls. Once everyone was contently munching on their first course of the morning, I glanced into Durkje’s stall.
My first response was, that can’t be right. There are eight legs in that stall not just four.
You see Durkje was not due to foal for another 2 1/2 weeks. She showed no signs. With only 1/2 of of her milk in…there in her stall… kept well hidden on the other side of her mother… was a very beautiful little filly. Although she shows signs of being premature, she is a fighter and is growing stronger ever day.
Meet PETITE just hours old


Meet Petite 4 days old


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