Foaling season

With foaling season rapidly approaching, I was reminded of a sad time that had a happy ending.
A few years ago I had a mare named Camelot Mistress Sydney. Syd, for short. Sydney has had some amazing babies for me. She produced many red ribbon winners, (red being first here in Canada).
That year Sydney lost her foal, while foaling the umbilical cord detached prematurely creating a lack of oxygen to the foal. Consequently the foal was not breathing when it was born.
Approximately 10 days later my veterinarian called asking if Sydney might be the kind of mare to raise an orphan foal. At that point we had nothing to loose. Sydney loves her babies, all babies in fact, as she often would let other mares foals nurse off of her while out to pasture together.
The oxytocin shots brought her milk back in and at the first nicker from that foal Sydney went into a tail spin. All she wanted was that foal in her stall. We slowly introduced the two. The foals owners were very skeptical. I can understand their hesitation, You see the Belgian mare weighed 2200 lbs. Their foal was a standardbred, weighing only about 50 lbs.
Once again out of a sad experience can come joy.


Just a small comparison. This mare was so careful around this foal. Even with the difference in their hooves she never stepped on him.

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