Black and White

It really is just black and white. A couple days ago when I was feeding the horses I stopped to take this picture. It made me chuckle to see my black black Friesians turning as white as snow… Literally! Animals always amaze me. The girls have a 20 foot shelter to hide in away from the elements, but no, they would rather be out and about. I read just the other day, that horses have 17 layers of hair. Each layer serves a purpose in keeping the horse warm. It is said that a horse that is allowed to grow a good winter coat, is as warm as a horse that is robed in the best winter blanket money can buy.
As the wind blows and the temperature drops the long hair of the horse starts to stand up, and the shorter hairs fill in. The natural oils of the skin help to repel the rain and the snow.

I just luv black and white pictures don’t you?

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