When will it stop!

Well, here in Ontario winter started far to early and proves to us every day that it plans on staying. Oh winter please think about leaving!
The mares are trying to stay warm eating lots of hay. The colder the temperature the less you see of their faces…. They just eat faster and continuously. Some days the hay feeder could read like a thermometer. The lower the mercury drops… the faster the mares eat a bale of hay.
When we do get a glimmer of grass popping up thru the snow covered fields, their chose is clear. Frozen grass over hay any day!
The problem this winter is that those poor little brown, maybe a little green blades, have consistently been covered by snow, snow, and, more snow and then ice… Did I mention snow? Are you sure this is only the first week of January? I will look forward to a Jan thaw! Here’s hoping!




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