Black and White

It really is just black and white. A couple days ago when I was feeding the horses I stopped to take this picture. It made me chuckle to see my black black Friesians turning as white as snow… Literally! Animals always amaze me. The girls have a 20 foot shelter to hide in away from the elements, but no, they would rather be out and about. I read just the other day, that horses have 17 layers of hair. Each layer serves a purpose in keeping the horse warm. It is said that a horse that is allowed to grow a good winter coat, is as warm as a horse that is robed in the best winter blanket money can buy.
As the wind blows and the temperature drops the long hair of the horse starts to stand up, and the shorter hairs fill in. The natural oils of the skin help to repel the rain and the snow.

I just luv black and white pictures don’t you?

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Getting ready for Christmas

Well not only do the humans get beautified for the Christmas season, so do the girls in the barn.
Each of the girls had a great pedicure given by their favourite man. Don has to be one of the best in the business. It was amazing the difference in the condition of the feet. The Friesians with their black, black feet seem to stay in terrific condition. They are solid and might have gone a few more weeks. The big Belgian girls with their white feet….. Oh my! They probably could have been done a couple weeks ago. Now what was that old saying for the driving and old work horses?
One white foot buy it?
Two white feet try it…
Three white feet look well about him..
Four white feet leave him be..
It was interesting what the old timers would say.. But them again maybe they really did know.



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Quinley enjoyed his first bath ever! but then again it was 33 degrees out. I guess I chose the perfect day give him the experience. He actually was a good boy.

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You must admit, this is defiantly one of the best sign of spring!


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Even the best laid plans……

Last weekend I made a few plans to get away…… But some times you just have to go with it. It seemed at every turn, I hit a road block. First my friend couldn’t leave till late Fri., then we had a funeral Saturday, but alas the plan became….. O.K. We will leave Sat after the funeral service.
Then Saturday morning arrived.
In a fog of early morning blur. I stumbled thru the barn feeding hay into everyone’s stalls. Once everyone was contently munching on their first course of the morning, I glanced into Durkje’s stall.
My first response was, that can’t be right. There are eight legs in that stall not just four.
You see Durkje was not due to foal for another 2 1/2 weeks. She showed no signs. With only 1/2 of of her milk in…there in her stall… kept well hidden on the other side of her mother… was a very beautiful little filly. Although she shows signs of being premature, she is a fighter and is growing stronger ever day.
Meet PETITE just hours old


Meet Petite 4 days old


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The great big world

This is the young mans first day outside. The reason I am calling him the young man is because I haven’t quite found the right name for him. Since he was born in 2013, according to the KFPS his name must start with one of the following letters P Q R S. hummmm and a Friesian name would be best. I have my work cut out for me.


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We are very very excited. Durkje is only one week away from coming to her new home. For the last 2 weeks she has been in quarantine at Cornell university. Jennifer and the wonderful people at Cornell have taken great care of Durkje. Here a few pictures they sent. Thank you Cornell….



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